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Realtor, Builder, Investor, and Consultant

Sommer Group has Proven Experience

There are a lot of fantastic deals out there, but only if you can determine the true costs and value of a property, and that means the cost and value as it relates to price point, location, comparables and best and highest use. What square footage and finish materials are appropriate for this house, in this neighborhood? Is the house of your dreams overpriced? How do you arrive at a fair and accurate conclusion? Most Agents start and end with Comps. Comps are a very important part of determining a house’s value, but comps should only be a part of this complicated process. There are dozens of components and moving parts that make up a house, each one having a value and most of them are never considered in a meaningful and consequential way when developing your offer. You are buying a house, not a statistic, and it’s important to know something about what you’re buying.

The Sommer Group’s experience with Real Estate goes beyond the comps and marketing. With 190+ projects to their credit, they have bought, sold, and built all types of Luxury Properties. This gives them the knowledge and insight to determine a property’s real value to buyers in a comprehensive and informative way. No other team can offer the multi-dimensional perspective of Realtor, Builder, Investor and Consultant that can develop a complete picture of a property’s unique features, value and opportunities.

Will you be able to recoup your investment? Will your investment grow to be profitable? What should you look out for if you’ve selected a newly constructed home versus an older home? These are vital questions that require experience along with a current working knowledge of construction materials, contractors and costs. Doesn’t it make sense to have a Realtor at your side that has the knowledge and experience that can provide you with this information first hand?