Our Team

Steve Sommer has been an active and successful Realtor and Luxury Home Builder in North Scottsdale for the last 22 years and has earned a reputation as an Expert in the Silverleaf/DC Ranch Market.  Since 2002, Steve Sommer has been one of the most active Realtors in Silverleaf, and has sold more Lots in Upper Canyon than almost any other single agent between 2010 and 2011.  Steve has represented both Buyers and Sellers with traditional, bank owned, and short sales.  This incredible closing rate includes the most expensive and fourth most expensive Silverleaf lots sold in the last 3 years at $3.8 and $1.9 Million.

Steve’s experience with Luxury Homes and Lots goes beyond the comps and marketing. With 150+ projects to his credit, Steve has bought, sold, and built on all types of terrain. This gives him the knowledge and insight to communicate your Lot’s value to prospective buyers in a comprehensive and inspiring way. No other agent can offer the multi-dimensional perspective of Realtor, Builder, Investor and Consultant; a perspective that can paint a complete picture of your property’s unique features, value and opportunity.

Steve has built several large luxury homes and has owned 11 different properties in Silverleaf and has an expert knowledge of all Lots from hillside to flat and everything in between. He has a strong relationship with the DC Ranch/Silverleaf Design Review Commission that comes from successfully taking 15 homes through their extensive Architectural Review process. Steve has been a North Scottsdale resident for more than 25 years. What’s better than a Realtor with this multi-faceted experience, knowledge and abilities? 4 Realtors with this multi-faceted experience! Introducing The Sommer Group, a team of multi-talented Realtors, all with decades of experience in selling Real Estate, Building, Designing and Investing.

Chuck Fratantoni: Chuck has been Investing in, Designing, Building and Selling homes in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley since 1995. Chuck understands the Luxury Real Estate market and can maximize your home’s best attributes and offer an expert’s perspective of it’s possibilities.

Angela Sommer: Angela has been Selling, Designing, and Building Luxury Homes for over 22 years. Her extensive knowledge of architectural design and interior finishes gives her the insight to sell a home’s key features to the most discerning of buyers.

Tammy Fratantoni: Real Estate is about Relationships. Tammy’s special ability to connect and communicate with clients and the strong bonds she builds with those around her, paired with her decade plus experience as a partner in designing, building, buying and selling Luxury Properties in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley makes her a fantastic addition to The Sommer Group.

What would it mean to a prospective buyer to have positive input from a Developer, Luxury Builder and Designer as well as a top Realtor? Imagine the edge you’d have over your competing properties.

We are the Realtors other agents have called on to share our expertise and help them close the sale.