About Chuck Fratantoni

chuck-fratantoni-smlChuck Fratantoni started his long road in Real Estate at an early age as his family built, managed and Sold hundreds of Multi-Family Residential units and homes throughout the valley. In the early 90’s Chuck began developing properties and building Upscale Luxury Homes in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. Chuck hired some of the best Real Estate agents in Scottsdale to list, market and sell his properties. Being a hands-on personality Chuck stuck around for many of the showings and he learned that while no two agents were alike, their showings and presentations often were. They would present the Square footages, give a quick evaluation of the area’s amenities, a validation of pricing and a very generic presentation of the house’s features and finishes. Most of this information is something a potential buyer and their agent will pull from the MLS Listing.

On one particularly lack luster presentation Chuck stepped in to describe the benefits of the oversized Laundry/Craft’s Room that his wife Tammy had designed for the home. The Buyer was hooked and so was Chuck. From that moment on Chuck’s agents would ask that he be present at showings to describe his work, usually a no-no in Real Estate. “No one can show your house like you can Chuck.” They were right. No one can present a house like a person who has designed, built and Sold dozens of them. It only took a short time before Chuck realized that he loved selling houses even more than he loved designing and building them!

Chuck will see and communicate your home’s unique features and opportunities in a way that only 25 years experience in building houses from the ground up can bring. Chuck will bring you a unique insight, perspective and experience that you’ll find invaluable in finding that perfect property or selling that family treasure.